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World recognized Cambridge certificate for child(Age 7 -12).


Cambridge exams are the world’s most famous and the only International recognized English exams for School students in the world. Cambridge YLE tests are produced by Cambridge English Language Assessment which is part of the world most famous university of Cambridge in the UK. There are three levels of Cambridge YLE – Starters / Movers / Flyers – for children in primary and lower secondary education ( Age 7 – 12). These tests are skill based. That means that the focus is on practical English Language skills. There are Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking tests.

Course Benefits

Every child who takes a Cambridge YLE test gets a world recognized Cambridge certificate. It is approved by all the countries in the world and all leading the companies and associations. These courses are designed for the students to learn English in a fun way. There are many tasks such as drawing, games, activities, colouring and solves puzzles. Your child improves all the language skills in this course- reading, writing, listening and speaking. The positive experience of taking a Cambridge YLE tests builds confidence and is a firm foundation for their future studies.

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Age 7 – 12

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